This post is for our newer visitors, who are still contemplating whether it's possible to teach yourself guitar online. The blunt answer is yes, thousands of people do it every day, just like the thousands of registered students at Don't want it to sound like bragging, but I get at least 5-6 thank you letters per day from my online students from around the world, which shows you that you can definitely learn the guitar online.


Teach Yourself Guitar

Online video guitar lessons at are aimed at newbie guitarists who would rather teach themselves the guitar, than learn with a personal teacher. There are many reasons why people learn the guitar online, the most popular beging less costs and no scheduling conflicts. Whatever your motivation, know that it is totally possible to teach yourself the guitar online.

How can we help you get started?

  1. You'll find video guitar lessons teaching basic guitar techniques, which will get you off in the right direction.
  2. Once you are comfortable with the basics, you can learn dozens of popular, yet easy guitar songs on our site as well.
  3. Each one of our video guitar lessons has on-screen animated tabs, scale and chord diagrams, which make learning the guitar much easier, since you don't need to look at any reference material other than the screen.
  4. Once you feel like it, you can dive in and learn guitar theory on our website as well, so you can find out why chords are constructed the way they are, which scale fits which type of music, etc.
  5. You'll also find a variety of online guitar tools, such as our online guitar tuner, jam tracks, Guitar Pro tabs, and more useful widgets to help you teach yourself the guitar.

All in all, is a thorough resource for beginner-intermediate guitarists. If you are thinking about whether learning the guitar online, without the help of a personal teacher is possible, I can assure you it is. It takes dedication and practice, just like it would with a personal teacher. The old saying, "practice makes perfect" is all the more important when you want to learn the guitar, so don't wait, grab your axe and start learning.

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