Learning easy guitar songs is one of the best ways for beginner guitarists to practice the techniques they learn, without the practice sessions becoming tedious. Learning individual guitar techniques in their purity day after day will get, well, boring after a few days. But not when you practice through learning songs.

Learn Electric Guitar Songs!

Learn Electric Guitar Songs!

The advantage of learning to play guitar songs is evident. Novice guitarists start learning the guitar because they want to be able to play the songs they love listening to, this is a general aim of most people who decide to pick up the instrument. If they were to practice, for example, the individual lead guitar techniques day in and day out for weeks, they probably won't stick with the guitar as long as it takes to learn the given techniques, since they won't get any satisfaction out of practicing.

You get satisfaction out of actually playing the guitar, and there are loads of guitar songs for beginners. Here are 2 of the most popular video tutorials we have in our database of electric guitar lessons:

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