Tabs + Chords = Music

The reason most people start playing the guitar is clear: to be able to play songs.

A lot of my students told me, that after buying their first guitar, they immediately Googled how to play their favorite song, only to be presented by lots of tablature sites, like Ultimate Guitar, 911 tabs, and so on.

Now tabs sites are great for learning songs, but the problem is that super beginners have no idea how to read guitar tablature, or chord diagrams right off the bat. Why would they?

Learning to "decipher" guitar chord charts and guitar tablature (tabs for short) is vital for any beginner guitarist, you need to be able to understand them at a glance, they have to become second nature. You'll be using tabs in all of your guitar lessons, you'll see them in guitar books, while learning songs, etc.

Thank God tabs are really easy to read once you know the basics, and the same goes for chord charts as well.


Learning to read tabs and chord diagrams

I've created 2 fundamental written lessons on the subject, which you can refer back to whenever you feel lost, or just don't remember what a given symbol means on your favorite song's tablature:

As I mentioned, learning to understand chord charts and tabs is pretty easy, so get to it 🙂

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