Guitar Pro is one of the most useful tools a guitarist of any level can ask for. As a premium member of, you will receive a GP6 special pricing code via email, which will grant you a 20% discount off of the original price of the software.
Guitar Pro 6 Special Pricing Code

If you are unfamiliar with Guitar Pro, you may want to check out these Guitar Pro 6 tutorials, and even test the free trial version of GP6 . But only after purchasing Guitar Pro 6 with the special pricing code will you be able to use the program to it's maximum capacity. This is because the free trial version only supports the demo tabs that are built into GP6, you can't load any of your own tablature files.

Once you buy the full version, you'll be able to play any of the GP files from our Guitar Pro tabs database, write your own music, and make use of the large number of tools guitar pro has to offer.

Here are some of the most commonly used functions that beginner guitarists will utilize:

  • Change the speed of the song, or a portion of the song, to make it easier to learn
  • Chord diagrams and fingerings
  • Accurate guitar tuner
  • Turn off the guitar track in a song to instantly make it into a backing track

These are only a few of the commonly used features of GP6, but you can find a detailed list on their homepage, as well as in the tutorial mentioned above.

And remember that as a premium member at, you'll not only get access to our video guitar lessons for beginners, but also to the working special pricing discount code, which will get you a 20% discount on GP6.

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