The official release date of Guitar Pro 7 is:

April 5, 2017


This press release announcing the release of the newest Guitar Pro software, Guitar Pro 7, stated that it should be released around mid-2017.

Well, great news for us. The release date of GP7 has been brought forward. Arobas has just sent me an email about it:

Hello Tom,

We worked hard and I am really happy to announce you that we will release Guitar Pro 7 next Wednesday (April 5). As soon as I can, I will.....

And they have also posted it on the Facebook page:

The 7th generation of the famous tablature-editor software has been long in the works, and we're eager to see what Arobas has come up with. Guitar Pro 6 was already a huge step forward from GP5, which might be the reason GP7 took so long to develop.

Just so you know, GP5 was released in 2005, and GP6 was released in 2010.

For more info check out our GP7 review page >>

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  1. dopo
    dopo says:

    Wooohooo, can’t wait for the new release, that screenshot looks really good. Nice and refined and trendy. GP7 will rock, I heard they have a new sound engine as well, so it’ll sound better.


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