Guitar Pro 6 has been a long time in waiting, it seems like Arobas Music, the publisher of the software has been developing it forever. I loved GP5, used it almost daily and recommended it to all guitarists, and when they announced the release of GP6, it understandably got me excited like a little boy with a new toy 🙂

Many people thought that GP6 would never be, but think again! After 4 years in development, GP6 has been released:

The reason for the delay of GP6 is supposedly the fact that Arobas reprogrammed GP. Why? There's a famous saying that comes to mind, "If it ain't broken, don't fix it!" I would have settled for some improvements to the user interface of GP5 and a couple of extra music notations and new instruments, but hey, who am I to judge... I am a bit weary of when newly reprogammed software is released, since new bugs are bound to come up that will need fixing and patching for quite a while. But thankfully the Guitar Pro user community is huge, so I'm pretty sure all of the bugs will surface quickly, and hopefully be fixed quickly.

Here is a sample of the sound quality of the Realistic Sound Engine in Guitar Pro 6, the classical guitar sound is very impressive, as is the thumping imitation:

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  1. Jasper Santoyo
    Jasper Santoyo says:

    Wow! The moment we musicians had been waiting for. This will be more convenient that the last one i think. GP5 is the best and if this will be released then this is way cooler.

    Thanks for the heads up…

    Cheers! for it’s upcoming release.


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