Guitar Pro 6 Discount

The much anticipated new version of GP is absolutely awesome, and I'm happy to report that our 20% discount is valid for Guitar Pro 6 as well. I believe that using the Guitar Pro software can greatly reduce a guitar students learning curve, and help all guitarists learn and advance effectively. This is why I recommend the use of GP6 to all of my students.

The Brand New GP6

The Brand New GP6

As such, all Premium Members to are entitled to use the GP6 discount code, which you will receive via email when you become a premium member.

If you are still thinking about whether you need GP6, or will do just fine learning from tabs, I would recommend you download the trial version of GP6, which is free to use and test. The trial version is very limited, but once you get the full version, you'll be able to download the unique GP tabs file to basically any song ever written.

Remember that we have a huge database of Guitar Pro Tab files with almost 50,000 songs as well, absolutely free.

I have been testing GP6 for about a week now, and I really like the new interface. It will take some time before people start converting GP3, GP4 and GP5 files to GP6, which will be great, since GP6 has many more sound features than the older versions. But until then, GP6 plays the old format files just fine, actually a bit better in my opinion. Or maybe thats just the flashy new UI 🙂

Go ahead and download the trial version, and if you like it, remember that you are eligible for a 20% discount to Guitar Pro 6 if you are a premium student.

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