Guitar Center Coupon Code – Save $25

Guitar Center is one of the biggest guitar stores on the Internet, and better yet, they also have real stores in 42 US states, where you can try before you buy.

They also have a lowest price guarantee, where they guarantee that they will beat any price on guitar products. But wait, it gets better! Lowest Price and Free Shipping at

Guitar Center also has discount codes, which means that when you ordering something online, you just enter the Guitar Center coupon code on the payment page, and you automatically get an extra discount. Sweet!

Here is a nice little code for you, which will deduct $25 on any purchase over $200. That, combined with their lowest price guarantee, should really put a smile on any guitarists' face 🙂

Guitar Center Coupon Code to Save $25

All you need to do to validate the coupon, is place whatever you want to buy in your shopping cart on the Guitar Center website, and when you are ready to pay on the checkout page, click the "Add a Coupon Code" button right beneath the credit card info block, and enter this code:

Enter discount code:


That's all there is to it.

The result? The page will refresh, and you will see an extra item in your shopping cart with the title "1EM, $25 off any purchase of $199 or more" and price of -$25.

If you are looking for guitars, accessories, or anything instrumental for that matter, be sure to check out the prices at Guitar Center. Their lowest price guarantee, free shipping, and the Guitar Center coupon code above will probably make it the cheapest purchase you'll find in the USA.

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