How can you know what note to play on your electric guitar if you don't accurately hear music? How can you know what note to sing in case you don't even know what key the song you are singing is in?

Ear training and using ear training software is important for both performers & musicians!

Ear Training Software

Ear Training Software

You need a good sense of relative pitch to be a good artist. But in addition it ought to go without mentioning that it's paramount to becoming a good songwriter.

What on earth is relative pitch? It's the capability to understand how notes and chords connect with each other.

When you have a good sense of relative pitch, you are going to not simply be capable to tell precisely what notes you hear, most importantly, you are going to know which tone will sound good after that.Because of this, it is important for song writers as well as musicians.

The first step in learning relative pitch is understanding precisely what intervals are. In music terminology, an interval is the difference in pitch between two given tones.

Relative pitch, the ability to distinguish easily amongst various intervals, can be obtained through the use of different listening exercises. Examples include basic exercises like listening to then reproducing a particular series of notes. This calls for the student to grasp and reproduce the intervals.

The good thing is these days it is increasingly easy to get good quality ear training. How come? The internet.

Now you can download a top quality ear training software in a matter of a few minutes and start training your ears.

Popular Ear Training Software

EarMaster - Effective ear training program which guides you on the road to better musical ears, thanks to well sequenced lessons, tests, fun exercises.

Auralia - Similar to EarMaster, but I think EarMaster is better (and cheaper).

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