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Here is the promised detailed analysis of Blues Guitar Blueprint by Nate Savage. Watch the video if you are thinking of learning to play blues guitar, since it'll show you basically every aspect of this DVD course. If you like it, remember that all TheGuitarLesson.com students are entitled to a free shipping discount when purchasing the course.

One of the reasons I really liked this course is that it doesn’t just throw a barrage of scales and chords at you and tells you to play them like a blues guitarist would, which is what a lot of courses do by the way, so what Nate Savage does is only gives you in 2 positions, and just dissects the heck out of it and really shows you what the blues is all about.

So basically you’ll learn how the blues scale really works, you’ll learn the essence of every note in the scale meaning when each note will sound good and WHY it sounds good, which in itself is a major step in becoming a true guitarist who actually knows what he or she is doing. You’ll also learn to recognize these notes by ear, so when you hear some blues guitar somewhere, you’ll know whats going on and actually be able to reproduce it. In the end, you’ll learn how to make up your own blues licks on the spot, so you’ll be improvising in an educated way, which is what will make your blues sound great.

You will be learning some music theory as well, for example how scales and chords are constructed, 4 popular blues progressions, and you’ll also learn other scales that you could use while playing the blues.

Discount on Blues Guitar Blueprint to My Students

I contacted the publishers of the course and asked them to give a discount to all of my students, and they agreed! The discount we get is free shipping, which would otherwise cost $11 for US residents, and $14 for international shipping, so it’s basically a 15% discount. You can get the discount under a special URL that is just for TheGuitarLesson.com students.

Here is the link to the discount >>

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  1. Tom Fontana - TheGuitarLesson.com
    Tom Fontana - TheGuitarLesson.com says:

    Thanks for your input Stephen, but I don’t agree. First of all, the book Blues Guitar for Dummies is way too long, and has way more info than a beginner blues guitar could digest. Not to mention the fact that it’s a book, and you can’t learn music by reading about it.

    Secondly, the DVDs I review are meant for beginner blues guitarists. It isn’t meant to give you a music college amount of theory, nor to get you playing like BB. It’s a course for beginners, to get them playing the blues. This is why they only concentrate on 1 key, 2 scale shapes, and the essence of what makes the blues tick.

    As I mentioned, this is a great course for beginners, but you’re right in that if you are already used to blues guitar, you might want to look at more advanced courses.

  2. stephen
    stephen says:

    I purchased this course and tried to use it. It is full of holes you could drive a truck through. First, it has no lissting or finger diagrams for many of the most important chords, though it only dwells on a single key: a minor. It is repetitive where it doesnt need to be, e.g. giving a fingering diagram and then a tedious telling of where ones fingers should go. The course lacks any real depth, and when you are finished with it, you arent any further ahead than when you started. I learned much more from “Blues Guitar for Dummies” (which has some real content to it) than this amateur effort. Save your money, and the author, while no doubt a proficient guitarist himself, has little idea about how to impart the knowledge in his head and fingers. How anyone could promote this course, I fail to understand.

  3. woz
    woz says:

    Hi.. many thanks for you professional input. Do you have any information on Marty Schwartz blues guitar courses. Thanks,, Woz.

  4. Tom Fontana - TheGuitarLesson.com
    Tom Fontana - TheGuitarLesson.com says:

    Yes, it works, but you have to practice the things that are taught in the lessons. If you practice, and follow the lessons, you will be improvising real blues licks very quickly.

  5. al-imran talukder
    al-imran talukder says:

    Hey Dude,I love Ur lesson a lot but for God sake I’ve not enough money to buy it.If U manage me a good Ear Trainer I’ll be ever grateful to U.Would U please give me Ur E-mail address,I need to talk U about a music.I’ll never bother U.It’s my promise.


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