Rather than building a web page for your band from scratch, starting at hundreds, or even thousands of dollars for the layout plus computer programming, perhaps you should decide on a set to go solution.

There are several band web themes available online, some much better than others of course, however they could save you lots of money and complications, since many vital features will be inside the site theme. On top of that, most of these website templates run on proven CMSs, for instance WordPress, which makes them simple to operate and also dependable.

You'll need to be careful to select a theme that will satisfy all of your increasing needs. One of the best WordPress band website themes is MyBandTheme.

Band Sites with Classy Design

Band Sites with Classy Design!

The following are the most important attributes in MyBandTheme you'll want to use:

CD Listing and Album/MP3 Sales Feature

It doesn't matter if you happen to be pianist or a rock band, you will possess records where you present your music. Your site ought to make the display of your albums simple for you, and eye-catching for your site viewers. If the website theme you are considering doesn't make this possible, go somewhere else.

Adding your latest records and tunes onto your site needs to be uncomplicated, and make certain the theme also has a good audio player included.

If you don't want to fork out any fees to 3rd party music and songs distribution corporations, than selling your music and songs on your own band's web page is a clear-cut solution to making money from your songs. In the long run, you'll want to be listed on iTunes as an example, but right now, consider a band site theme which has a internal cd selling plugin.

The greatest music group themes allow you to market your music files right on the website, therefore you get all of your product sales through selling your music and songs directly from your web site, twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week, all automatically. The payment processor company also happens to be important, you will want to make guaranteed your customers will be able to make their purchase with all major bank cards.

Your site visitors would want to hear your music prior to making a purchase, so be certain that your band site template has an option for them to be able to play your audio files also.

Concert Management

The vast majority of bands perform at events, and ought to let their followers know the schedule of the shows. This can be easily maintained via your site, and naturally, the MyBandTheme band template supports concert and event management and also helps make it as quick as possible for you.

Your site will need to be able to show a number of details of all of your concerts, for example the place, time, date, etc. A map to the concert venue is also an added plus, one which your fans will love. Presenting the list of your gigs is important also, as well as giving your fans a place to talk about your passed concerts.

Social Networking, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, etc.

Social websites such as Youtube and Bebo have got a profound impact on the web currently, and cannot be neglected.

The band web site template can link straight to your group's social network pages, thereby having a hub of social network pages focused around your band. As the bare minimum, Twitter and facebook links need to be integrated into the site. Ensure that your web theme has got this function!

There are plenty of places on-line where you should publish things about your band, like Facebook, Twitter, iTunes, LinedIn, etc.. The ability to link to them out of your site, plus letting your visitors find out about those pages is a serious plus.

Stunning Design

Your group's internet site needs to be beautiful, I think we'll all agree with this. This is quite significant for the success of any kind of internet site on the internet, not only music websites.

When deciding on your band website design, make sure the style and design is all that you expect it to be. Don't settle for 2nd bests. In case it is not really that good, search elsewhere, until eventually you find the most suitable style and design . And naturally, bear in mind that your band has it's unique style, hence it is advisable to be able to integrate it into the web site. I'm specially referring to your band's custom logo design, but you'll want to ensure the layout and image of the site theme you choose fits your style also.

Information Administration

You're a musician, not a programmer. You won't want to learn about Html and CSS, which is the reason you need a band web site theme that's built on well-known content management systems, for instance the WordPress platform. The WordPress based MyBandTheme band theme makes the development of new pages onto your web site incredibly swift and easy, beyond the management of already present posts.

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