Learning the guitar is a never ending journey. I've been playing for many years, and I still learn new things on a daily basis, including new techniques that I can use while playing, or making up new guitar songs. Starting out on this journey is undoubtedly the hardest part of it all, since you basically have to teach your fingers and mind a brand new skill, sort of like learning to walk.

Playing songs = motivation

Playing songs = motivation

The initial stages of teaching yourself to play guitar can be very demotivating, since in the beginning, each new chord, chord change, barre chord, etc. will be a struggle. This is why over 60% of newbie guitarists quit withing a very short amount of time. And this is why it is very important to keep yourself motivated during the early stages of your career as a guitarist.

I've found that the best way to keep new players motivated is to have them playing songs on their guitar right from the beginning. Through learning easy guitar songs for beginners, you will practice while making real music, which is what motivates you to practice even more. There are many guitar courses that have you doing rigorous exercises, and that just does not work. Why?

In my opinion, all beginners need to start playing beginner guitar songs as soon as possible. The reason behind it is the basic motivation of all newbies who want to start playing an instrument, in that they want to make music, play songs, maybe even write their own songs at a later stage.

Those beginners, who are not given the opportunity to start playing songs as quickly as possible, will not stick with the guitar. They will quickly get bored of single exercises, scale runs, and the likes, especially, because it takes a lot of effort to learn every new technique in the beginning. They struggle with each new chord, each new fingering, and each new skill to no prevail, if they are not given the chance to use them in a musical context.

The fact is that single exercises are boring, plain and simple. BUT, if you learn each new technique in the context of a song, you will be MUCH more motivated to keep on practicing and perfecting any given technique, since you get satisfaction from being able to make real music.

For example, learning beginner guitar chords and chord changes is hard and gets boring in its purity. But, if you were given the chance to practice those chords and chord changes by playing a real, well-known guitar song that uses those chords, you enter a whole new world. Lets take our guitar lesson on Hurt by Johnny Cash for example. The song uses several beginner guitar chords, you need to change in between them, strum them, etc. It is much more satisfying to learn and practice those chords while learning that song, than to just practice each chord and chord change by themselves.

There are loads of very popular guitar songs that are perfectly suitable for beginners as well. If you find that your practice sessions aren't that exciting anymore, try learning some easy guitar songs to get yourself back on track, increase your motivation, and remember why you started learning the guitar in the first place.

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