Even if you weren't even being planned in 1969, you probably still  feel nostalgic when listening to this Bryan Adams Classic. It has extra special significance for all us guitar players, because of the "first 6 string" he got that summer. This week's lesson covers this super rock hit, hope you enjoy it:

Summer of 69 Guitar Lesson - Bryan Adams

Click above to learn Summer of '69

Summer of '69 is mostly a rhythm guitar song, so it'll give you a great chance to work on your strumming skills, and rhythm. This is very important for guitarists, as most of us weren't blessed with the best sense of rhythm. If we were, maybe we'd be playing drums 😉

Our guitar lesson on Summer of 69 will teach you how to play the entire song, all except the solos you hear in the end. You'll learn the chords you'll need for the song, as well as several strumming patterns, palm muted strums, and even chord arpeggios.

Once you know the chords, it's not just useful, but also a lot of fun to play along with the backing track to Summer of 69, as well as the original version. It's much simpler than you would think, so grab your "6 string, and play it till your fingers bleed" 🙂

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