This week's video guitar lesson is on the most popular single of the punk band The Offsrping, Pretty Fly For a White Guy. The song was a huge hit (reaching the top of the charts in many countries), thanks to the satiric nature of it's lyrics, and memorable music video.

Everybody knows this song, and now you have a chance to learn to play Pretty Fly For a White Guy on the guitar 🙂

Pretty Fly For a White Guy Guitar Lesson - The Offspring

Click to watch our video guitar lesson on Pretty Fly For a White Guy

Learning to play this song is one of the best things you can do if your want to improve your power chord technique. Why? Because this song only requires power chords to be played.

This lesson is also beneficial if you are having trouble remembering the notes on the guitar, since I refer to every power chord by it's name, not by where it is. Of course we go through every chord in the beginning of the lesson, but afterwards, you'll need to know where the A power chord is rooting on the low E string automatically (if you said fret 5, you're right!).

There are several parts to Pretty Fly For a White Guy, and yes, we'll learn them all in this lesson. But it's all worth it, since this is a really great song that you'll love playing, even along with the original Offspring track... yes, after watching this video tutorial on Pretty Fly, you'll be able to play along with the original.

Now how cool is that? 😉

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