This week's much requested tutorial is on, in my opinion, one of the greatest solos of all time, Parisienne Walkways by the great Gary Moore. Gary Moore is a lesser known guitar god, somehow he never really "made it" as big as he could have, but believe me, he was a great guitarist. He passed away in 2011, but one of his greatest legacies, Parisienne Walkways, is here for you to learn.

Parisienne Walkways Guitar Lesson - Gary Moore

Click here to learn to play Parisienne Walkways by Gary Moore

With this tutorial, I didn't just want to teach you the notes you'll need to learn to be able to play the song, I wanted this lesson to be a tutorial on lead guitar techniques. The song is great for practicing your soloing skills, as you'll be doing lots of string bends, vibratos, hammer ons, and you'll also learn some scale theory.

Beside the 2 great solos, our guitar lesson on Parisienne Walkways will also teach you the chord progression and picking pattern you'll need to play during the verse.

As I mentioned, this is really one of the greatest songs in my opinion, but rest assured, it's not that difficult once you're comfortable with some basic lead techniques. The thing that makes this song so wonderful is the soul.

You don't need blazing speed, or knowledge of all 7 modes of the major scale across the entire neck to be able to create something great. All you need is a couple of techniques, 1 single scale, and to put your heart and soul into your playing.

Parisienne Walkways will really show you how.

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