Learning to play It's My Life on guitar is easy, more than suitable for beginner guitarists. So what's the point (other than learning a great song)?

The point of learning easy guitar songs such as this Bon Jovi classic isn't mainly to develop any given technique, but to develop your rhythm and sense of timing. There are several parts to the song, all of the include longer rests and other elements that make correct timing crucial in getting everything sounding right.

And this is a very important attribute of good guitarists, that's why you have to practice it whenever you get a chance to.


It's My Life Guitar Lesson - Bon Jovi

Learn It's My Life by Bon Jovi

As I mentioned, you'll be able to learn this song pretty quickly. This one's all about the timing though, so after learning it, make sure you play along with the backing track you can find on our It's My Life guitar lesson page, or the original track even.

Now the song itself is made up of 4 main parts, the intro, chorus, verse, bridge and solo. Oh wait, was that 5 parts? Yes, but the bridge is the same as the intro, so you basically have 4 parts to learn. And when you find out that the chorus has 1 single power chord, you'll realize that technically speaking, this song is simple. The solo has a couple of string bends, which are a great finger workout if you are into lead guitar.

Ok, so you're all set to start learning It's My Life, and remember:

  1. Play the song along with the original track or the backing track
  2. Once you know it, play it to your friends and family 🙂
I wish you much success, see you in the lesson!
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