This week’s new lesson covers the 1970 hit Have You Ever Seen the Rain, a real delight for all you acoustic players. It was released over 40 years ago, but it’s has really stood the test of time, everyone knows it even today (minus Bieber fans 😉 )

Have You Ever Seen the Rain Guitar Lesson - Creedence Clearwater Revival

Learn Have You Ever Seen the Rain by clicking above!

If you listen to the original track, you’ll notice there there are 2 guitarists playing, a base guitarist, a pianist, a drummer. This means that getting exactly the same sound from just 1 acoustic is not possible, but I really think this cover does a good job at recreating the general feel of the song.

You’ll be learning to play the entire song, so you’ll even be able to back a singer, which is great fun. Of course, playing along with the original version is recommended as always.

Our Have You Ever Seen the Rain guitar tutorial will teach you a bunch of very useful techniques that you’ll be able to use in thousands of other songs as well, such as the slapping strum technique and syncopated strumming. I really do recommend you learn this one if you are into the acoustic guitar.

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  1. Simon George
    Simon George says:

    I saw fogherty perform this a bonnaroo a couple years back and it was fantastic. Ive always been a big CCR fan. this is a great lesson. great post keep up the hard work.


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