If you are into classical music, than you're in for a real treat this week, since our new beginner guitar lesson will cover the first section of Beethoven's most popular piano solo, Für Elise.

This is undoubtedly one of the most beautiful songs ever written, and best of all, it sounds great on guitar as well.

The reason we're only covering the first section in our guitar lesson on Für Elise, is because the 2nd and 3rd are lightyears harder, but don't worry, the first section is great to play on it's own, and it's not that difficult.

Learn to Play Für Elise on Guitar

Learn to Play Für Elise on Guitar

Für Elise is played in the key of A minor, and after watching the tutorial, you'll see that the rest of the chords are fairly simple, basic chords as well.

You'll learn everything you need to be able to play Für Elise on guitar, including the intro, all the chords, chord changes and arpeggios. You'll also be able to download the tabs to Für Elise, which will make practicing on your own a bit easier.

As the chords are basic, the main challenge in learning this masterpiece will be the quick chord changes, and the arpeggios. Since you're mostly arpeggiating chords, it doesn't really matter if you mis-pluck a string here and there, just keep the rhythm going, and chances are most people won't even notice 🙂

I hope you have fun with this lesson, it is very fun to play, and people really love listening to it.

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