I love playing the blues, it was one of my primary aims when I started learning, and as I've been communicating with you guys, lots of you have said that you want to learn more blues songs.

This week's new guitar lesson goes out to all you blues fanatics out there 🙂

Check out our new guitar lesson on an acoustic 12 bar blues solo in the key of E, I'm sure you'll love playing this song after learning it. It was actually one of the first blues songs I learned as well!

12 Bar Blues Guitar Lesson - Key of E

12 Bar Blues Guitar Lesson - Key of E

Now this lesson is not the easiest you'll find in our database of beginner guitar lessons, as you'll need to be proficient at a number of guitar techniques to be able to play it:

  • hammer-ons
  • pull-offs
  • slides
  • power chords
  • string skipping

If you are just starting out on guitar, I would recommend that you leave this one for a little bit later, but if you have already started dealing with lead guitar techniques, than by all means, give this lesson a go.

You'll advance your soloing skills a lot with this blues lesson, as you'll be using lots and lots of lead guitar techniques as you can see above.

Have fun with this song, and make sure you play it to your friends and family once you can! People love listening to the blues 🙂

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