Learning to play Nirvana songs is pretty much compulsory for anyone fiddling around with the guitar. They are fun to play, easy, very popular even today, and always have such a cool vibe to them. I think that's one of the main reasons Curt Cobain's band made it big time, it's because of the general vibe their songs sent out, not really the complicated lyrics or the super difficult guitar solos.

In fact, Nirvana songs are considered very easy to play, which goes the same for About a Girl, the subject of this week's new lesson.

About a Girl Guitar Lesson - Nirvana

Click above to watch the guitar lesson on About a Girl

The lesson will teach you to play the MTV Unplugged acoustic version of About a Girl. You'll see that it's pretty easy to play, as it involves strumming some open chords at first, than strumming power chords. If you're not used to power chord strumming yet, that part of the song might pose a bit of a challenge for you, but it's all a better reason to grab your guitar and start practicing it.

No but really, learning to play About a Girl will be really beneficial for you, since it'll develop your strumming technique, rhythm, and voice if you can sing along as well. Not compulsory though 😉 Oh, and remember to download the tabs, which will show you the exact sequence of the parts you'll need to play with this song.

Once you learn it, make sure you play along with the original, and more importantly, play it to your friends! This is a super popular song that pretty much everyone has heard at one time or another, and you know, entertaining others, and the recognition you get afterwards makes the sometimes not so easy task of learning to play guitar more than worthwhile.

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