This week's new guitar lesson covers a mega-hit from 2011, Someone Like You by Adele. It is a very moving, romantic ballad about how the artist deals with an ex-boyfriend. I think that if you've ever been in a relationship, you'll be able to identify with the song.

A critic's quote puts it very nicely: "Romantic pain has never been so beautiful."

Someone Like You Guitar Lesson - Adele

Click above for the video tutorial on Someone Like You

If you listen to the original song, you'll notice that it uses just one single instrument, a piano. If you listen even more carefully, you'll notice that the pianist is actually just playing arpeggiated chords. Our video guitar tutorial on Someone Like You will present you with a really authentic cover to recreate the original feel of the piano.

The piano accompaniment is very easy to reproduce on the guitar, especially since if we add a capo to the 2nd fret, we'll only need easy beginner guitar chords.

Beginner guitarists will really enjoy this song, since really, all you'll need are very basic chords you learn the first week of your guitar journey, such as the G major, D major, E minor and C major. To reproduce the piano as much as we can, we'll be fingerpicking chord arpeggios with a very simple picking pattern, which again is more than suitable for beginners.

Someone Like You is really a great song to learn for all levels, and is highly recommended for guitarists just starting out, since it's a great beginner guitar lesson. Once you learn the chords and plucking pattern, make sure you play along with the original track as well, it's loads of fun! I promise, learning to play Someone Like You on guitar will be a real treat.

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