This week's new guitar lesson is on a superb Foo Fighters song called Times Like These (acoustic version).

Make sure you check out our video guitar lesson on Times Like These, since it is one of those rare songs that you can play along with the original track very, very quickly. Because of this, learning this song is an absolute must for beginners, but more advanced guitarists will have loads of fun with it as well, since it is just a perfect song, Dave Grohl is a really great musician and song writer.

Times Like These Guitar Lesson

Times Like These Guitar Lesson

The acoustic version of Times Like These you'll learn in the tutorial is really simple to learn, and is just very fun to play. After recording this lesson, I was actually playing this song constantly for at least a week, trying to sing along without much success 🙂 But playing it with the original track was really fun.

In the lesson, you'll be learning a couple of basic chords like the D major, C major, E minor, A minor, and some variations to these chords, as well as the strumming patterns you'll need to know to be able to play along with Dave Grohl.

Also, make sure you download the Times Like These tabs and chords file from the lesson page, it will give you all the tablature in detail, as well as the lyrics to the song and the order of chords you'll be playing marked along with the lyrics.

As for the difficulty of this song, I would say that it is a beginner guitar lesson that advanced guitarists will enjoy as well, so make sure you have a go at it, you won't regret it.

Oh, and if you don't have the album yet, have a look at it on YouTube, or buy it from Amazon or iTunes.

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