Rumble is a real oldie-but-goodie! It was actually one of the first songs to experiment with distortion, which would sort of make it a history shaping song I guess...

Our guitar lesson on Rumble will teach you how to play this awesome song, just like Link plays it with His Wray Men. It is very easy, thereby perfectly suitable for beginners.

Rumble Guitar Lesson - Link Wray

Click above to learn to play Rumble

Now when you listen to this song and you watch an original video of Link play it, you'll immediately feel the rough nature of the song. That's why it's called Rumble, which meant a big gang street fight back in the 50's.

In fact, Rumble is so rough, that it actually got banned from being played on radio when it was released. If you factor in the fact that we are talking about a purely instrumental piece here, the whole thing becomes even more interesting! FYI, Rumble is the ONLY instrumental piece to get banned from radio, ever! Now that's what I call cool 🙂

So putting the music history lesson aside, if you are into electric guitar and you like that grungy rock sound, you absolutely must learn to play Rumble on your electric guitar. This is one of those compulsory songs that literally every electric guitarist must know.

As I said, it is very simple, perhaps one of the simplest songs in our collection of beginner guitar songs. So turn up your distortion, have fun with it, and don't stop until your neighbors go mad 🙂

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