If you like playing Nirvana songs, you're in for a treat 🙂 Our new beginner guitar lesson for this week is a Nirvana acoustic song, Polly from the Nervermind album.

The song is fairly simple, but it will give your hands a huge workout, as you'll be strumming power chords all throughout the song. It is more of a rhythm guitar lesson actually, which means you'll not only be learning technical elements, but improving your sense of rhythm as well.

Polly Guitar Lesson - Nirvana

Click to learn to play Polly from Nirvana

As I just mentioned, learning to play Polly isn't really about the technical advantages, rather rhythmic development.

You might have already realized that lots of guitarists have trouble keeping a constant rhythm and beat for the entire length of a song 🙂 And I am no exception either!

Our video guitar lesson on Polly will help you develop your sense of rhythm and timing, by teaching you a song where basically all you need to do is keep rhythm (and sing along if you can).

It is very important that after watching the tutorial and learning the chords to Polly, you play along with the original track. Your hands will hurt, as holding down power chords throughout an entire song is tough, but it'll really strengthen your hands and fingers, and improve your sense of rhythm.

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