Eric Clapton is one of the best guitarists of all time (and he can sing as well :-)), and his lessons are always welcomed by my students. This week's new lesson is an acoustic blues tune from his Unplugged album (a great album by the way), which is actually a cover of the original Big Bill Broonzy version.

I personally like Eric Clapton's version just a bit more, but you be the judge 🙂 Here is Big Bill's version.

But anyhow, let get back to the lesson. As I said, Hey Hey is a blues tune, which is played in the key of E. It is a perfectly standard 12 bar blues song, so from that, you should already be able to deduct which chords you'll be playing over in the song. I'll give you a minute, read on when you have it!

Hey Hey Guitar Lesson from Eric Clapton's Unplugged Album

Hey Hey Guitar Lesson from Eric Clapton's Unplugged Album

So a 12 bar blues song in the key of E will consist of the chords E, A and B, where E is your I chord, A is your IV chord, and B is your V chord. But you should know this already 🙂

The Hey Hey guitar lesson will teach your everything you need to be able to play along to the original recording, or better yet, play it and sing the song on your own!

Now this isn't exactly the easiest song you'll ever learn, but I promise you, it will be one you'll be playing for years and years, since it is so upbeat and just too good to stop playing. You'll learn a number of new techniques and improve your skills as well:

  • fingerpicking
  • slides
  • blues chords
  • slurs

You'll also be able to apply the new techniques you learn to other blues songs as well, so make sure you learn this song well. Now I teach Hey Hey on an acoustic guitar, but if you have an electric, no problem. It will sound better on the acoustic, but perfectly playable and nice on the electric as well, so you have no excuse, you must learn this song 😉

Hope you'll have fun, and see you next week for another beginner guitar lesson!

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