This weeks new beginner guitar lesson is on a very successful, probably the most successful Lenny Kravitz song, Fly away. Despite it's success, it will be one of the easiest songs you'll ever learn, so make sure you check it out our Fly Away guitar lesson.

The tutorial covers everything you'll need to be able to play along with the actual recording, including the Fly Away chords, strumming pattern, as well as a neat baseline you can play on your 6 string guitar.

Learn to play Fly Away by Lenny Kravitz

Learn to play Fly Away by Lenny Kravitz

Fly Away Chords and Tabs

If you like learning songs where you can play along with the actual recording, than this song is a must for you. All I can tell you in advance is that Fly Away uses 5 chords altogether. Now the original is played with barre chords, so learning this one will be a great barre chord exercise for you, especially if you can play the entire length of the song.

But if you are still just starting out with barre chords, I give you a power chord version of the song as well in the lesson. But despite this, you'll want to strive to learn the barre chord version, just because barre chords are very important in advancing as a guitarist.

If you are familiar with the song, you'll also notice that there is a baseline which is played with a wah pedal. You won't need a pedal, since I'll just teach you the notes to play, and you'll see that it sounds good this way as well 🙂

And of course, make sure you download the tabs to Fly Away, and try playing along with the backing track as well.

Have fun with this week's lesson, and stay tuned till next week, when I'll be releasing an acoustic fingerpicking lesson on a song you will not be able to stop playing once you learn it. Which song? Hehe, see you next week 🙂

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