New Guitar Lesson: Crossroads by Eric Clapton

This week's new guitar tutorial is on an evergreen classic by Eric Clapton and Cream, Crossroads. Crossroads was originally recorded live in 1968, and is actuallya cover of a Robert Johnson song. While the Eric Clapton version is much different than Johnson's, it is one of the most popular guitar songs of all time.

Crossroads holds several prestigious titles, for example it is #10 on Guitar World magazines greatest guitar solos of all time. It is one you'll love playing, as it's actually considered to be one of the easier guitar songs.

Learn to play Crossroads by Eric Clapton

Learn to play Crossroads by Eric Clapton

Our video guitar lesson on Crossroads will teach you how to play the main 12 bar blues progression of the song. Yes, this is the solo that stands at #10 of the best guitar solos of all time.

It is in fact a 12 bar blues progression in the key of A, meaning you'll be playing riffs over the A, D and E chords. If you are not that familiar with the 12 bar blues form yet, don't worry, as you'll learn a bit about it during the lesson.

As always, after you watch the guitar lesson, you'll want to download the tabs as well, which is great for practicing on your own. This lesson also includes the backing track to Crossroads, so after learning the song, you'll want to play along with that as well. It'll really help you learn and advance your sense of rhythm and timing.

While learning to play Crossroads, keep in mind that it is a blues song, meaning that you can vary the notes up as you like, that's what Eric Clapton, and loads of others (John Mayer) do as well. The blues is all about freedom of expression, about telling others how you feel through your music. This is why I love playing the blues, and I'm sure you will as well. And if you feel like you want to dive into the world of blues guitar even more, have a look at these blues guitar lessons.

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