Hey everyone, the new lesson for the week is a Stone Temple Pilots song from back in the ‘90s, Plush. This was a really popular alternative rock song back in the day, but listening to in now, it is still a really awesome grunge song you’ll love if you’re into the electric guitar.

Plush Guitar Lesson - Stone Temple Pilots

Learn this great electric guitar song, click above

Learning to play Plush is recommended for all guitarists! Why?

Plush is mainly about rhythm guitar, and guitarists are notoriously known for not having a great sense of timing. Playing songs like Plush, where you have lots of rhythmic strumming and timing, can really help us rhythm-challenged guitarists keep time better.

You’ll be learning some new chords and new fingerings with this song as well, including barre chords. I know many of you are in horror now, but keep in mind that barre chords are very important.

I am a firm believer in the fact that learning barre chords is made much easier by learning them through playing songs, so please do go and try your best. It will take a while if you’re still struggling with barre chords, but hey, I went through the same process, and so did Slash, Eric Clapton, and everyone else who ever learned guitar.

It can be done, it just needs time and dedication, and you’ll see that the end result will be truly fulfilling. So don't wait get started by learning to play Plush.

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