This week’s new lesson will be terrific for you if you are an early beginner guitarist, and you are into the electric guitar. We’ll be learning to play Smoke on the Water by Deep Purple, which boasts the 4th greatest riff of all time.

It is a very simple song, and most beginner guitarists actually start out learning to play this riff first. You can really amaze your friends and family with this one, so go grab your guitar and start playing.

New beginner guitar lesson: Smoke on the Water

Learn to play Smoke on the Water on guitar

We will be learning the all-popular intro, the verse and also the chorus. You’ll find that everything is really simple, which really goes to show you that you don’t need lightning fingers and 20 scales to create something historic in music. You just need 4 notes, as Ritchie Blackmore demonstrates in the intro Riff.

A lot of people stop at the intro riff, but I would really urge you to learn the chorus to Smoke on the Water as well. It’s a great riff, and again, very easy to play even if you are brand new to the electric guitar.

Oh, sorry acoustic guitarists, but this song isn’t really suitable for the acoustic. You can play it on the acoustic as well, but you won’t get that distorted rock feel unfortunately. Now go ahead, watch our guitar lesson on Smoke on the Water.

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