As a guitar instructor, a lot of people are extremely surprised after they discover how I learned to play the guitar. I am a living example and proof of the fact that it is possible to learn to play the guitar, without needing a private guitar teacher. If I could do it, anybody can, all it takes is dedication and work, and you'll be playing easy guitar songs in no time at all.

Learning Guitar

Learning Guitar

I have been playing the guitar for roughly 15 years now, and true, I did possess a musical background already, because I already played the piano as well as the trumpet. Even so, the guitar is completely unique, so even though I already knew how to read music, I had to train myself the guitar essentially from scratch. Plus it was not as easy back than, as it is today.

The Internet offers an overwhelming quantity of info on any topic, as well as guitar lessons. Lots of newbie guitar players type the phrase guitar instruction into Bing or Yahoo, and don't know how to proceed with the 10 million results the search engines provide them with. This is really a negative part of learning guitar on the internet, since beginners will usually go from one web page to the next, without actually learning anything.

Training yourself how to play the acoustic or electic guitar will take time and effort, but the outcome will certainly be more than worthwhile, you may never look back.

Firstly, be sure to find a quality, dependable site to learn the guitar from. I've seen several sites, which I cannot name in this post, which try to get inexperienced guitarists to believe they can become a guitar god by the end of the week. Sorry to say, this is not possible for a number of reasons, but you are going to discover for yourself when you begin playing. Becoming good requires training and lots of practice, which is the ultimate secret of learning to play guitar.

This is actually the shortened training program I employ with just about all of my beginner students:

  1. Firstly, master the basic building blocks of playing the guitar.
  2. Improve and advance the essential techniques while learning beginner guitar songs
  3. Soon after, learn guitar chords, and how to change between them
  4. Use the guitar chords from the previous step to learn beginner that require the strumming of chords
  5. Move forward to a different guitar technique
  6. Practice these techniques by actively playing even more songs

Simply speaking, I've found that difficult practice routines kill just about all motivation a guitar student possesses. On the other hand, practicing any technique in the framework of a song, a song that is popular and can cause the student delight when performing, will motive the student to practice the technique. And rest assured, practice enough, and you'll master it soon, guaranteed. This method of learning the guitar will work, no question about it.

I hope you can now see the basis of this method for learning the guitar. You CAN learn to play the guitar on your own, it is simpler than ever over the web. It is not necessary to buy guitar textbooks or chord posters, you just need an Internet connection to get access to an entire new world, that of music..

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