One of the best things about learning the guitar is the fact that there are loads of 3 chord guitar songs beginners can start playing almost immediately. By almost, I'm referring to the fact that you will have to be able to form basic chord shapes, and change in between them, but once you can, you'll be rocking with AC/DC, and twisting and shouting with the Beatles!

3 Chords Are A'Plenty

3 Chords Are A'Plenty

But first things first, learn those beginner guitar chords. They'll take you a long way, and are really the foundation to thousands, if not tens of thousands of really popular guitar songs. Also, being able to change in between these chords is very important, as once you start playing songs, you'll need to be able to move from one chord to the next, without much hesitation.

So without further ado, here is a list of really cool, yet really simple 3 chords songs to play on guitar:

Back in Black by AC/DC

Would you have thought that the intro to this classic rock song is made up of 3 beginner guitar chords? Well, it is 🙂 Ok, it has a couple of added plucks at single notes as well, but I'm sure you'll find them easy after watching our video guitar lesson on Back in Black. The 3 chords you'll need to know to be able to play the intro to the song are:

E major - D major - A major

Johnny Cash songs

Johnny Cash songs are perfect for beginners, since Johnny Cash managed to make great music, without the guitar score being overly complicated. For example, to play rhythm guitar for Folsom Prison Blues, you would only need to play the following chords:

E major - A major -  B7

One of the tutorials you'll want to watch is our Ring of Fire guitar lesson. This is a super simple song, so it is a real treat for beginners who want to practice through playing easy guitar songs. To play The Ring of Fire, you basically need to know the following 3 beginner chords:

G major - C major - D major

Twist and Shout - Beatles

This classic song was originally recorded by the Top Notes, but was made famous after The Beatles cover version. As with all of the songs on this page, learning how to play Twist and Shout involves playing just 3 chords. Of course, once you become more advanced, you can add more variety to the song by introducing some bass walks, but know, that to actually start playing the song, you only need to know the following chord:

D major - G major - A major

So as you can see, you can start learning really cool songs on the guitar, just by knowing 3 beginner chords, such as the G major chord, C major chord and D major chord. Make sure to watch our beginner guitar lessons on songs, where I'll teach you to play the above, and many more songs in a detailed, step-by-step manner. All of the video tutorials include on-screen animated tabs and chord charts, which make the lessons really easy to follow, thereby reducing the learning curve.

Guitar lessons on songs

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  1. Jeff DRay
    Jeff DRay says:

    look at the action and try the string at each fret – you may find a loose fret or one that is out of line. check the nut as well. look for loose screws,

  2. Tom Fontana -
    Tom Fontana - says:

    I can’t really say exactly without having a look, but there can be a number of reasons:
    – your strings are old and need to be changed
    – your tuner or some hardware may be faulty
    – truss rod needs adjustment
    It’s best just to take it to a guitar shop if you are not sure…


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